3 Reasons You Should Homeschool and 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t

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Mamas have a lot of choices to make for their children including how to educate them. How should you educate your children? Public school? Charter school? Homeschool? Can you really be the one to educate your children at home? Well, Mamas, here are 3 reasons why you should homeschool and three reasons why you shouldn’t. I hope this helps encourage you and makes that choice a little easier!

There seems to be a conflict taking place right now between homeschool and public school. Homeschoolers have always had a reputation as the weird, awkward kids. Public school, on the other hand, was considered the norm for many years, that is until recently. Government overreach and new cultural ideologies have left a lot of parents questioning- who is really influencing their children’s lives: them or the state? Suddenly having the awkward kid doesn’t seem so bad.

Neither of these are fair representations of either educational path. There are a lot of churches and authority figures painting homeschool as the only option a Christian can make, and there are a lot pushing that public school is the only way for your child to truly succeed in life. So what are we as Mamas to do? Just like in every other facet of motherhood- we have to make a decision. And when it comes to our children- those are very heavy decisions to make. I certainly can’t tell you which path to choose, but I will offer you 3 reasons why you should homeschool and 3 reasons why you shouldn’t.

3 Reasons Why You Should Homeschool

1. You Want to Be the Main Voice in Your Children’s Life

Seven hours a day, five days a week, 180 days a year for 13 years (Kindergarten- 12th grade.)

That’s 16,380 hours.

Sixteen thousand, three hundred and eighty hours of your child’s childhood that someone, other than you, is teaching them.

That isn’t always a bad thing. I’m certain we all know someone who benefitted from all those hours spent in school because the love and attention they craved at home simply wasn’t there.

But if you desire to be the main voice in your child’s life then homeschool is a great option!

3 Reasons You Should Homeschool and 3 Reasons You Shouldn't

Homeschooling allows us well over sixteen thousand more hours to meet with and speak to our children.

How you choose to raise your child is completely up to you.

For me, I want my children to learn to think biblically about everything. I want to teach them to view the world through a God shaped lens before they become a part of it. A lot of people call this ‘sheltered’ and paint it as though we are hiding our children away from the world. That’s not the case at all.

Instead, we shelter our children in glass houses where they can view the world and be taught about it without being forced to live in it each and every day.

As our children grow, they will be a part of the world outside more and more, but our hope is that they will be prepared to face different views and false teachings because we have taught them how to know the truth.

Our children are not equipped to be missionaries as small children. This is a season of life when they absorb their surroundings like small sponges, and if you desire to be the main voice in their life- homeschool is a valid option!

2. You Want More Time with Your Children

Again 16,380 hours more to spend with your children.

Eighteen years sounds like a long time, but as Mamas we have already realized how quickly it flies.

Those chubby legged toddlers are now pedaling bikes without training wheels. Blink again and we may be handing over the car keys… For some, endless hours at home with children is not the picture of a happy life, and that is just fine.

However, for me, it is.

3 Reasons You Should Homeschool and 3 Reasons You Shouldn't

One of my deepest desires is to have a close knit family.

I want to raise children who leave my house and tread their own path in the world, but who always know they have a place to come back to. I want them to bring their children over to visit often and to know that they can always call me when they’ve had a bad day.

Those relationships aren’t built in their twenties.

They are built right now.

The truth is my kids won’t remember the days I spent drawing with chalk with them in the driveway. They won’t remember that Mama danced in the rain with them or made them salt dough 100 times a year.

But I will.

And somewhere down inside of them a bond and a trust is being built that won’t be easily broken, even if they don’t remember how it got there.

Homeschooling allows us more family time. Yes, it allows our children more time to argue with each other, but it also gives them more time to bond. Homeschooling is all about relationships.

If you desire more time with your children, then perhaps you should homeschool.

3. You Have a Desire or Feel Called to Homeschool

This is the #1 reason to homeschool.

If God has laid it on your heart or called you to it, then you should homeschool.

I decided to homeschool a couple of years before Isaiah was school age. I had went back and forth with the idea, but somehow I landed in homeschool camp and found myself at a homeschool seminar.

It was there that I realized I had never really prayed about whether or not I actually should homeschool. So when we got back home I spent some time praying about it.

A few nights later I had a dream.

It is a dream I don’t like to talk about or share the details of because it still haunts me to this day, but needless to say- I got my answer.

For a long time after I wished God had told me in a different way. However, homeschool can be hard at times and sometimes I wonder if public school would have been better, but God answered me in such a way that I don’t have to wonder that for long.

little girl holding a bucket of blackberries

(Note: This dream was very specific to my family- to my children- not an overall statement about public school!)

So many Mamas feel unqualified to teach their children because they don’t have a Master’s degree or a teaching certificate.

Many will smother that desire and turn from that calling simply because they don’t feel qualified to answer it.

Mama, there is no teacher more qualified to teach your children than you!

That’s why God gave them to you!

There are people who teach better (I’m certainly not a teacher), but love is the ultimate motivator. And no one on earth loves your child more than you!

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Homeschool

1. Someone Else Wants You to Homeschool

In recent years a lot of churches have begun to push the idea of homeschooling on their congregation. I don’t really disagree with that as a whole. However, many mamas are now feeling pushed into homeschool without really making that decision for themselves.

The decision of how you will educate your children is between you, your husband, and God.


The state should have no say.

Your Pastor may share wisdom and direction, but the ultimate choice is yours.

Your child should not make this decision for themselves, nor should your parents, in-laws, cousins, friends, or your uncle’s twice removed brother.

It shouldn’t be because someone on a podcast told you to. Or to appease anyone else.

Whether you homeschool, public school, or send your children to private school, you should have the final say.

If, however, your husband is against homeschooling or wants you to homeschool when you don’t want to- that is a different situation.

I would never tell you to war against your husband’s opinion or leadership.

I know that some won’t like me saying this, but I believe marriages are to reflect Jesus and His love for His church.

In that respect, both sides should be shared openly and honestly. You may want to attend seminars together, pray together, and research together, but I would not go against your husband’s final say. Conflict in the home and homeschool don’t mix!

2. Because You Saw a Blue Haired California Teacher on TikTok

Yes, I have seen them.

And no, I wouldn’t want them teaching my children either.

However I believe this is the exception and not the rule.

The majority of teachers in the average classrooms have good intentions, but the media doesn’t report on them because that isn’t an interesting story. The Biology teacher who doesn’t believe in male or female exists, but not in every school system.

3 Reasons You Should Homeschool and 3 Reasons You Shouldn't

As parents, we should know what our children are being taught whether at home or in school. But fear is a liar. When it comes to homeschooling, you should be running to something (a better education, more family time, a better school experience) not from something. A choice that is made in fear is very rarely made well.

So exit out of TikTok, turn off the news, take a breath- and pray about it. You should not homeschool because of a blue haired woman online.

3. Because Homeschool is Cheaper

I’ve heard this one a lot. “I’m going to homeschool because it is cheaper.”

Cheaper than what?

Cheaper than a private school? Yes, that might be true.

Cheaper than public school? I’m not so sure.

3 Reasons You Should Homeschool and 3 Reasons You Shouldn't

Homeschool can be a bit expensive at times. Between curriculum, daily meals and snacks, umbrella schools, printing fees, field trips, and experiences- it can add up pretty quickly. Click here for our curriculum review and plans for the upcoming year!

Of course we think it is worth it, but the idea that homeschooling saves money may be a myth. (I have never researched online options, so perhaps that is cheaper?)

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t homeschool just to save money.

School Choice

I fully believe parents should have a choice in where their children attend school and what they are taught there.

Homeschool gives parents the ability to decide what to teach and at what pace.

Homeschool allows us to cater to our children’s strengths, weaknesses, interests, and passions. But homeschool may not be for everyone.

We don’t owe anyone an explanation for the decision we make.

Mama, you were chosen– hand picked by God- to bear the weight of these decisions. You were chosen to teach, lead, nourish, and pour into your child. No one is more equipped to raise, decide for, and teach you children than you. No one loves them quite like you. You were chosen for a reason!

Happy Schooling!

Happy Aiming!


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