6 Ways to Make This Week Count

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The days seem to fly by. It didn’t used to seem this way. The days seemed eternal the first couple of years staying home, but now the hours fly. Days melt into weeks and weeks into months and these kids just keep growing. I feel so much conviction about not dwindling the days away on chores, schedules, and shuffling from activity to activity. Unfortunately sometimes that is just life.

The next two weeks are going to be very busy for our family. I think at some point I will have to accept that our life is just always busy. However the next couple weeks are particularly so. Between Bible School, (if you are local, come join us- message me for details) summer activities, and life in general- I feel like we never come up for air. But I won’t get a second chance at this week. I want to manage the things I am called to, but I also want to look back and be proud of how I spent my time. So here are 5 ways to make this week actually count.

1. Give Away Some of Your Time

As mamas we stay busy nearly 24/7. Of all the things in our lives, time is one of the most valuable. Often times we are more willing to slip someone a twenty dollar bill than we are to take twenty minutes and actually listen to what they have to say. One of the greatest ways to show love this week is to offer up some of your time. And I truly mean offer up your time. Don’t multi-task. Put down your phone, your planner, your to-do list, and turn off the part of your brain that is balancing everything- and give someone some of your time.

Make this week count
Peep the orange marmalade spilled all over the counter!

You may spend this time helping someone by cleaning up landscaping, organizing a pantry, or grocery shopping for someone else. Or you may spend this time just listening to someone or being present with them. Especially someone who is grieving, lonely, or elderly. So many older women would be so blessed to simply have your children come over and visit them. To make this week count, give away some of your time!

2. Make a Memory with Your Kids

make this week count

Do you remember what your kids did last Thursday? Last Monday? What was that hilarious thing that they said that you swore you would remember to jot down later but couldn’t remember it by the time daddy got home? I love these days. These busy, chubby finger, endless nursing, summer days- but I feel like I lose track of the important things. Sometimes the countertops take precedence over my own babies running through the water hose outside. This week I want to encourage you to stop what you are doing and make a memory with your kids. Write it down afterwards if you need to!

Make a memory you will be proud of and they will cherish. Play in the rain with them. Read an extra book when they ask. Take them out for ice cream or smoothies. Throw your head back and laugh with your babies! The mess will still be there when you are done. You will get around to your to-do list eventually, but for a little while, be just a mom spending time with her babies. Make a memory, you won’t regret it!

3. Do Something You Love (Or learn something new)

Before you were a wife and a mama, what did you love doing? What do you love doing now? I was always an avid reader. From the time I was big enough to lug a book around, I’ve had one tucked under my arm. I genuinely love children’s books and I adore sharing A.A. Milne, Barbara Cooney, and Robert McCloskey with my sweet kiddos, but I love when I get to pull a book off the shelf for myself and read for a bit.

Maybe reading isn’t your thing. What is? Sewing? Knitting? Movies? Coffee and Podcasts? (I like those too.) This week do something you love! Something you haven’t done in a while or just really want to do! Take a “Mama Moment” and don’t feel guilty about it!

make this week count

If you don’t have a hobby or something you enjoy- try something new. I used to think that I was too old to learn some new skill, but it’s not like I’m getting any younger! If I started quilting now, by the time I have grandkids I could be doing some truly beautiful work! Set an example for your babies and become a life long learner! Make sourdough, paint the sunset, take a bee keeping class! Someday you can pass those skills on to your own children!

4. Plan Some Time with Your Husband

I know this sounds like a busy week, but really I think these are things we should strive for every week! You don’t have to have a full on date night. You don’t need to hire a sitter, just take some time to be alone with your husband. Maybe this is a cup of coffee and Bible study together early in the morning before your babies get up. Or maybe you spend some time alone after the kids go to bed.

make this week count

I feel like we always have so much to talk about during the week and no time for it. Finding fifteen minutes or so alone each day to just talk or laugh or be close is so worth it! There was a time in our lives when we were inseparable, but sometimes life is so busy it is easier to divide and conquer. Over time that can really put a strain on a marriage, make sure you are taking time for one another!

5. Catch Up With a Friend

Good friends are so important. But not all friends are good company. If you get off the phone and feel depleted, anxious, or contentious- that isn’t something you want to add to your week. This is not an invitation to go gossip or complain with a girl friend for two hours. However bringing our burdens, inspiration, wisdom, and motivations to a circle of godly friends who also bring all of theirs is a beautiful form of fellowship. Calling up or grabbing lunch with a friend should bring joy and encouragement to your week(and to theirs!)! So spend some time catching up with a friend.

6. Get Alone With God

If you do nothing else on this list- do this one! I promise you won’t regret it! Spending time with a friend is great. Being present with your husband and children is important. But getting time alone with God is essential! The presence of God in our hearts and lives changes our mindset, our priorities, our joy. He is the peace within our homes. The laughter and light we see in our children’s eyes. His embrace is like no other. Step one in being a cheerful mama. Step one in making this week count. And step one of every day- spend time with God.

Burdened? Give it to God.

Anxious? Take your worries to God.

Exhausted? Find your rest in Him.

Mama, whatever you need- He has it. Whatever your problem is- He has the remedy. Find time to get alone with God. Read His word, pray, take time to be quiet and just be in His presence. Don’t waste a day without Him!

Make This Week Something Beautiful

Mamas, pull out your planners or lists for this week right now and schedule some of these in. You don’t have to do them all, but pick some that really excite you and add them to your schedules. Make this week count! You won’t get a second chance at it.

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I hope that this week, regardless of the condition of your home or anything else, that you find reasons to laugh. I hope that you feel fulfilled and that you will enjoy your children, your husband, and your life this week. Make it beautiful!

Happy Living!

Happy Aiming!


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