Easy DIY Lotion Bars with Cocoa Butter

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These Easy DIY Lotion Bars with Cocoa Butter are simple to make and made with only three all natural and skin loving ingredients! Perfect year round for dry, itchy skin in the winter or for soothing sun kissed skin in the summer. An all natural, non toxic alternative to daily creams and lotions, these are your one stop shop to better healthier skin!

Winter is officially creeping up on us. That means cozy hearty dinners, indoor homemaking projects, and on the downside- dry winter skin.

Each year it’s a new battle fought with thick creams, lotions, and exfoliants. Still the dry itchy skin finds its way back. Throw in a couple of kids with eczema- a desire for non-toxic formulas, Oh! and the constant skin stretching with pregnancy, not to mention a breastfeeding baby with extremely sensitive skin, and a pretty tight budget.. Well you get the picture! Lots of different skin types with individual needs, and the OTC stuff at the drug store just isn’t cutting it!

I searched high and low for an affordable, organic, non-toxic alternative for our family, but nothing checked all the boxes!

That is until, one of my favorite spring crafts gave me a really simple, non toxic, and skin soothing idea.

Each year when the dandelions dot the edges of our driveway, we pick a few and turn them into these beautiful vibrant yellow lotion bars. We may not have dandelions, but we have all we need to make a beautiful winter lotion bar that transforms our skin from something to hide into something to embrace. And the best part- these aren’t just for the winter months- these beautiful bars serve our skin naturally and affordably all year long!

The Basics of DIY(ing) Lotion Bars

This year with sensitive baby skin and eczema flare ups I decided to keep these as simple as possible. Fewer ingredients means less chances for skin reactions. However you can make these lotion bars using any scent, add in, or essential oil you want!

Create a soft gingerbread scent using cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger for Christmas time.

Or add in dried calendula, rose petals, or lavender for a floral fragrance perfect for spring!

honeycomb lotion bars, lavender, and honey on a wooden cutting board

Or my personal favorite- add tea tree oil, peppermint, and eucalyptus for a quick cold remedy that can be rubbed onto the chest or soles of the feet of your stuffy littles before bed! (Note to my fellow Breastfeeding Mamas: Remember that anything that dries up snot will typically dry up breastmilk, so use with caution!)

Create your own fragrance or choose your own add ins to meet all of your family’s skin needs!

So What is In Our Typical Minimal Lotion Bar?

There are only 3 basic skin nourishing and non toxic ingredients needed to create the perfect winter skin remedy lotion bar.

DIY Lotion Bars

Coconut Oil: Is there anything coconut oil isn’t good for? From oil pulling to cooking to its anti-fungal properties- coconut oil is almost always the answer. Coconut oil is antibacterial, locks in moisture, and eases inflammation. It can also help ease acne, minimize scars, and soften skin overall. Though I wouldn’t suggest putting any oil directly on a breakout as it can make things worse.

Beeswax: Yes, it’s true I have an obsession with beeswax- all things bees really! Be it for candles, chapstick, skin, or anything in between- beeswax is a true gift from God in my opinion. It also gives these bars the most beautiful yellow glow and soft honey scent. The skincare benefits associated with beeswax include: increased elasticity, anti-oxidant properties, and great for acne prone and sensitive skin! Read more about the benefits of beeswax in skincare here!

Want more ideas on how to incorporate beeswax into your home? Check out our blog: DIY Fall Candles here.

Cocoa Butter: These bars on their own smell like soft honey scented chocolate which I find absolutely amazing! But cocoa butter has so much more to offer than a sweet chocolate scent. You may associate cocoa butter with pregnancy and stretch marks. Cocoa butter is touted for its ability to soften stretch marks, scars, and diminish eczema. It can also help slow the aging process. Most drug store lotions- even those touted for stretch marks like Palmer’s– are ladened with dyes and harsh ingredients. These bars, though, are packed with cocoa butter without any unwanted ingredients or artificial colors!

How do you apply and store it?

Because these are solid bars and not typical creams- they do go on a little differently. In our home we apply the lotion bars first to our hands. This heats up the bars and makes them easier to rub across your skin. If you are fresh from the shower, apply immediately after to lock in moisture- and the heat from your skin will help it to roll on easily. Lotion bars are in no way hard to apply, but they are a little different and may take some time to get used to.

little hand reaching for all natural lotion bars

This recipe (depending on your soap molds) will make approximately six bars. Generally I triple this recipe and store them in a large glass jar in our hall closet separated by parchment paper. One thing to keep in mind is these bars do contain ingredients that begin to melt in warm temperatures so storing them in a steamy shower or a sunny window will cause them to melt.

Handmade with Love

These easy DIY lotion bars with cocoa butter are simple, quick, and the perfect remedy to soothe dry, itchy skin year round. Often when we think of natural living, we try to over complicate things. The truth is simple, whole living can be just as easy as it is fulfilling! It’s not about the time, money, or stress you put in- it’s all about making it with love.

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Here’s to a simple, money saving, and skin nourishing project the whole family will love.

Happy Making!

Happy Aiming!


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Honey comb molds (like the ones pictured here, but of course you can use any mold your prefer!)

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Yield: about 6 bars

Easy DIY Lotion Bars with Cocoa Butter

DIY Lotion bars, lavender, and honey on a wood board

These easy DIY Lotion bars are made with three simple skin loving ingredients! Perfect for any skin type, and safe for the whole family!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 12 hours
Total Time 12 hours 30 minutes


  • 1/2 cup (4 ounces) Organic virgin coconut oil
  • 4 ounces Cosmetic Grade Beeswax
  • 4 ounces Raw Cocoa Butter


  • A double boiler with a jar or bowl specifically dedicated to melting beeswax. (Beeswax is difficult to remove from dishes once melted)
  • A wooden paint stirrer
  • Silicone molds or shaping your lotion bars


    1. In a double boiler, melt together equal parts beeswax, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. Beeswax is difficult to wash off of utensils so you may want to set aside a glass jar and spoon specifically for candle and lotion making! Stir occassionally with a wooden paint stirrer! (You can grab these for free at your local hardware store!)
    2. Once the mixture is entirely melted together, pour into your desired molds and allow to sit perfectly still at room temperature for 6-24 hours until completely set and cooled.
    3. Pop them out and store between pieces of unbleached parchment paper!


If you want to add florals, frangrances, or oils- such lavendar, eucalyptus, or dried rose petals, simply add them after your mixture is completely melted. Remove from heat, and continue as normal!

Store lotion bars in a cool, dry place. Since these bars are made with coconut oil, which starts to melt at about 78°, they will begin to melt in a sunny window or beside a steamy shower!

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