The Ultimate Autumn Homemaking Guide to a Cozy Home


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The Ultimate Autumn Homemaking guide for creating a beautiful, cozy, and peaceful home this Fall. This post is packed with simple DIY ideas, frugal decor, and the simplest homemaking tips to make your home an inviting atmosphere for everyone.

The Joys of Seasonal Homemaking 

I spent the first couple of years staying home really warring against that part of me that wanted to decorate for each new season. 

I worried it was a waste of money to purchase seasonal decor and give my home a new look every couple of months. 

That is until my sister pointed out where we get that desire from. Our Heavenly Father has created these beautiful seasons- the barrenness of winter beneath a blanket of snow and bright evergreens, the summer sun that races across thick pastures, and the aster and phlox that line the roadways in autumn. 

Our hearts, as homemakers, often desire to recreate the beauty He makes outside within our four walls. 

We don’t have to spend a ton to do it either. 

In fact, many of the best homemakers are frugal and thoughtful in their decor. 

This post is packed with simple ideas to help you plan a fun DIY project or add natural elements to your home to fully embrace these colder months. 

a mother in an apron holding a baby and a small pumpkin, autumn homemaking

The joy of seasonal homemaking is found in creating a new atmosphere within our homes that mimics the feel of nature. 

After the hustle and bustle of a busy summer, putting the garden to bed, and laying aside our canning supplies makes autumn a great time to slow down and embrace a season of renewal.

Warm soups and crusty breads grace our tables. 

The fireplace becomes the new gathering spot. 

Those chores we couldn’t get around to in the summer find their time in the autumn and winter months. 

Winter is a time of rest, but fall is a season of letting go. 

Autumn homemaking is all about enjoying the bounty of the previous season while embracing the slower-paced rainy days in preparation for the cooler months ahead. 

5 Autumn Homemaking Tips 

1. The simplest way to approach Autumn Homemaking is to let the outside in!

My favorite way to do this is just to open the windows. Our homes often feel cramped and stuffy after a long summer of humidity. Autumn is the perfect time to throw open the windows and feel the slight chill of the morning air blowing softly.  

2. Change up the bedding.

In the summertime, our bed is adorned with only a thin quilt, but as the days give way to the Autumn Equinox, we drag the warm, cozy blankets out from their hiding places once again. You don’t have to buy all-new bedding, blankets, or throw pillows to refresh your room this Autumn. Simply strip your own bedding off the bed, flip your mattress, and sprinkle baking soda lightly across your mattress. Allow it to sit for about 30 minutes and then vacuum your mattress. Wash your sheets, quilts, blankets, and pillowcases and return them all for a beautiful new room feel without spending any money! (You can also throw your worn pillows in the dryer for a few minutes to fluff them back up!) 

*Crunchy Mama Note: A cup of vinegar acts as a natural fabric softener without residue, added synthetic fragrance, or chemicals! And no, your sheets will not smell like vinegar!

Decorating the porch for fall with a flannel blanket draped over a wooden rocking chair and a white and green pumpkin sitting on it,

3. Touch Up Your Kitchen Cabinets.

The best part of fall is fall baking. Some of my favorite recipes find their prime time in the Autumn months. Pumpkin, apple, cranberries, maple, and warm spices- it’s hard to beat the taste and scent of fall. That also makes autumn the perfect time to declutter and organize your kitchen! 

Marry your spices together. Toss out the pans you never use. Vacuum and wipe off all your shelves. And figure out how to scrub the dried sourdough starter off of your cabinet doors. (That last one is to me.) 

Grab our Orange and Cranberry Sweet Roll recipe here and enjoy all the flavors of fall!

4. Clean Your Dishwasher.

My dishwasher and washing machine are probably my hardest working and most undervalued employees. The only way to keep them functioning at 100% is to do some seasonal deep cleaning. 

For your dishwasher, pull out the racks, and remove any food or debris that has fallen into the bottom of the dishwasher. Then, place the racks back in and sprinkle a cup (or so) of baking soda in the bottom of your dishwasher. Next, pour a cup of vinegar into your dishwasher and run on a normal cycle. When it is finished, simply take a clean cloth and wipe it out completely! 

I wash my washing machine much the same way. I have a front-load high-efficiency LG washing machine. Simply sprinkle baking soda inside and then place your vinegar where your detergent would normally go and run as normal. When it is finished wipe it out completely, especially the rubber barrel up front. See your washing machine manual for exact directions on cleaning your particular machine! 

beeswax candles, a pumpkin, a latte, a book, and a woven blanket displayed on a wooden table, slower pace, autumn homemaking

5. Wipe Down Walls.  

To me, this always makes such an impact, though I am probably the only one who notices. We have quite a bit of white in our home and children with very dirty feet who often rub them or their sticky little jam fingers on the wall. (I’m not complaining!) My go-to tool for cleaning walls, baseboards, old linoleum floors, and anything else that needs a solid scrub is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. When nothing else will clean it- a magic eraser will! Give your walls a nice wipe-down this season! (These are kind of like sandpaper, so if you have never used them before start on a small inconspicuous spot to test them out first!) 

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Embracing a Slower Pace 

Though Autumn is not as slow-paced as winter, it often is much slower than the busy days of summer. 

As Mamas, we often struggle with embracing a slower pace. If we find so much as a single blank line on our to-do list, we feel compelled to fill it with something. 

We oftentimes even feel guilty for taking a moment to enjoy an iced coffee or watch a movie. 

Slow living is pretty much countercultural these days, but it is so beneficial- both to our own health and to that of our family. 

hello fall sign, autumn decorations

I’m not asking you to be lazy or idle. I’m encouraging you- and me-  to take a lesson from the trees and let go of something that is consuming too much of your energy this autumn season. 

Only you can answer what exactly that is but embrace the slower pace this season has to offer. 

The easy way of letting go is by creating an atmosphere at home that allows you to sit back, relax from time to time, and enjoy the slower pace. 

This blog is all about cultivating an atmosphere for that by creating a cozy and inviting home this fall- a place you will actually want to be!

Cozy Touches Throughout the House

Spring and summer often call us outdoors more and more, but autumn is an invitation to return home. 

The nights come earlier and earlier, and the time spent indoors with your family is increasingly more each day. 

Creating a cozy atmosphere in your home is such a gift to you and your family. 

Here are a few simple touches to add to your autumn homemaking routine for a cozy fall feel throughout your whole home! 

10 Simple Ways to Add a Cozy Fall Feel to Your Home

1. Display Fuzzy or Flannel Blankets 

Warm blankets are not only a cozy fall aesthetic; they are completely practical. 

When I get up first thing in the morning, my go-to spot for Bible study in my living room has a table for my coffee, and a cozy blanket already waiting! 

Cozy throw blankets can be draped over couches, displayed in baskets, or laid across the foot of your bed for easier access. 

Anywhere you place them, they bring a cozy fall feel to the whole room! 

2. Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and More Pumpkins

The ultimate fall decor is a humble pumpkin. 

Whether it is real, faux, paper mache, crocheted, or sewn- nothing says fall like pumpkins. 

Displaying a basket, bowl, or centerpiece arranged with pumpkins, apples, cinnamon sticks, or winter squashes brings a cozy feel and a reminder to be thankful for the harvest that God’s earth has yielded!

3. Display baked goods 

As I have already mentioned, fall is the ideal time to bake! 

Nothing brings a more inviting feel to a home than having all of your fresh baked goodies on display and easily accessible to visitors. 

Whether you arrange a tiered cake stand, a display case, or even large glass jars (that’s what I usually use) displaying your fall treats adds a fun and cozy feel to your home! 

4. Folded sweaters 

Folded sweaters, skeins of yarn, or balls of twine add texture and a warm embrace to each room. 

Simply toss some yarn in a basket or display your folded fall sweaters in a nook or on a shelf for a welcoming fall feel. 

5. Coffee cups, tea kettles

One of the best ways to decorate a home is with beautiful practical pieces. 

Those items that don’t simply add beauty to a room, but are actually useful! 

For example, storing your kettle on the stovetop adds character to your kitchen while also preventing you from having to lug it out each day to use it. 

Coffee cups are the same way. 

a coffee mug full of cinnamon hot cocoa and a chocolate biscotti

6. Amber bottles 

Amber glass naturally has a fall aesthetic, adding charm and warmth to a room. 

You can use amber glass jars for candles, amber bottles to hold dried flowers or wheat, or even switch out your soap dispensers with an amber glass option!

7. Fall Flowers

Asters, phlox, and sunflowers bring some of the outdoor fall charm inside!

Displaying fall flowers on wreaths, in jars, or in centerpieces brings a natural pop of fall color to every room! 

8. Diffuse essential oils 

The soft, spicy, and earthy scent of fall is one of the key characteristics of a cozy autumn home. 

In fact, when I think of autumn homemaking, I can almost smell the cinnamon and clove in the air!

You don’t need toxins or chemicals to add a cozy fall scent to the air. 

Diffusing combinations of essential oils like cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, or clove bud can add fall scents to your home. (Note: If you have birds or small animals in your home, research essential oils first as they can be toxic to certain animals.) 

If you don’t want to use essential oils, you can always boil orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and cloves in some water to naturally scent a room!

9. Cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon sticks are one of my favorite ways to decorate for fall. 

Filling glass jars with them or wrapping them in a small piece of twine adds a small fall pop to your decor!

10. Leaves, Pine cones, and More 

Want to know the ultimate way to decorate your home for free? 

Go for a nature walk and find all the good things this season has to offer. 

Beautiful leaves, pine cones, small logs (the size you would use for a small bonfire), or evergreen branches can all make beautiful accents or centerpieces. 

Get creative and add beautiful touches to your autumn homemaking for free! 

DIY Decor 

Autumn is the perfect time to try out some new DIY touches around your home. 

You don’t have to be crafty or a Pinterest Queen to create something beautiful with your own two hands! 

Our Fall DIY candles, for example, are simple, quick, and they don’t require any special skills. Check out our step-by-step instructions here! 

Last year, I used glass jars, but I’ve decided to change it up this year with some amber jars. I’ll leave a link in the shop this post section down below! 

Another simple DIY touch is to create your own wreath. 

Wreaths are expensive. At least any that plan to last more than one season anyway. 

When we first moved into our home, I couldn’t afford throw pillows or wreaths, so I taught myself to make them. 

It is not a complicated process at all, and after purchasing the wreath base- you may be able to complete it yourself with items you already have on hand. 

I’ll leave a link to a woven wreath base in the shop this section down below. This is what I always start with and it makes weaving stems and things in and out a breeze! 

Simply weave in greenery, florals, faux pumpkins, or pinecones- whatever your heart desires. 

You can use real, dried flowers or fake flowers from Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, or even the Dollar store. 

Keep it simple by looking for mix-and-match items, weave them in or arrange them the way you want them, and then reinforce everything with a low-temperature hot glue gun so that nothing moves. 

My last DIY fall wreath has lasted 4 years! It actually still looks fine, but I decided to change it up this year and make a new one! 

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Simple Pleasures

In all your beautiful Autumn Homemaking, don’t forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of this season. 

Simmer some Crockpot Pumpkin Spice Lattes or warm Apple Cider. 

Go apple picking and make some apple butter. 

Put on your cozy socks and curl up on the couch to watch a movie or read a really good book.

Take the afternoon off and sit outside with your littles. 

a mother homemaking while holding a baby in the kitchen

Bake a pie or some of your favorite fall recipes.  

Watch rain drip down the window. 

Autumn Homemaking is all about embracing this season just as much inside your home as you can outside. 

It is about simplifying, beautifying, and renewing. 

Enjoy this season. 

Soak in every precious moment. 

Take a lesson from the mighty Oak, and find the splendor in letting something go. 

Happy Autumn Homemaking! 

Happy Aiming!


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