Top 10 Best Homemade Christmas Gifts: Frugal + Easy


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Embrace the simplicity of this season with these 10 Best Homemade Christmas gift ideas sure to please everyone on your list without breaking the bank! Save money and sanity this holiday season while checking off every person on your Christmas list! From great stocking stuffers to heartfelt handmade gifts, skip the lines this year and let’s create a handmade Christmas together!

What is Christmas really about? 

Sometimes I feel like we answer this much like a child anticipating Santa. 

We say it is about Jesus. But do our celebrations reflect that?

Is it to His house we rush and wait in line on Black Friday? I don’t think so. Truthfully, if there were a line to get into church, we would probably turn around and go home deeming it “too crowded this Sunday.” 

I love giving gifts and it is fun to receive them also, but if buying gifts is your number one thought this season, then my friends we have a problem. Collecting debt and running up credit cards this time of year is not pleasing to God. 

The best gifts are not the most expensive ones, they are the gifts given from the heart. 

Homemade gifts are an easy and frugal option, but if you choose to do no gifts this year, that is perfectly fine! 

Go in the direction that leads you closer to the true reason for the season. 

Let’s keep the main thing, the main thing this season, and if you choose to do gifts, I hope you’ll give these simple homemade gift ideas a try!

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    The Best Way to Choose a Gift for Someone You Love

    Whether you are buying for your mom, your sister, your husband, or your children, the best way to choose a gift is to think of who you are giving to. 

    Perhaps your mom loves to bake or your sister is all about cozy homemaking- let their gift speak to that. 

    Think about their hobbies, their giftings, their hearts, and give a gift that means something to them.  You don’t have to spend a fortune. You don’t have to spend anything at all. A letter from the heart may be the best gift you can give someone and all that costs is a little of your free time. 

    As you read over these easy DIY Christmas gift ideas think over your Christmas list and what your family members like or would be thrilled to have! 

    10 homemade Christmas gift ideas, candle, lotion bars, diy mixes, and wrapped gifts

    Top 10 Best Homemade Christmas Gifts

    Homemade Candles 

    doy candles with dried oranges and rosemary, homemade Christmas gifts

    Nothing says cozy quite like the soft glow of a candle on a winter night. Candles are a perfect gift for the homebody type- like myself. And if the homebody in your life just so happens to be a crunchy mama- then these candles are even better!

    These candles are simple and non-toxic. The scents can be made from items in your kitchen! Orange peel, clove, cinnamon sticks, and maple extract can be used to create a beautiful Christmas scent. Made with beeswax, coconut oil, and a natural wick these candles spread holiday cheer all winter long! 

    Simply tie some twine and a twig of rosemary around the top of the jar for a perfect homemade Christmas gift anyone will love!

    DIY Lotion Bars 

    While I love this time of year, my skin does not. Lotion bars are a great Christmas gift for the women in your life, especially for those who love all things beauty!  These also make a great addition to DIY gift baskets since you can make so many with just a few key ingredients. 

    diy lotion bars wrapped in twine in front of a christmas tree, homemade gifts

    Check out our simple recipe for DIY Lotion Bars with Cocoa Butter. Made with all-natural, skin-loving ingredients. Perfect for face and body all winter long!

    Gingerbread Salt Dough Ornaments

    Gingerbread salt dough ornaments are a unique gift that can easily be changed up to fit anyone on your Christmas list. 

    An impression of your little one’s hands or feet as a keepsake ornament is a wonderful gift for grandparents! Have your children make these for Aunts, Uncles, or cousins- they don’t take much time to make and they are so much fun!

    gingerbread salt dough ornaments, diy christmas gifts

    You can also make the salt dough for a Play-Doh alternative and handmade stocking stuffer for your little ones. 

    Bake something Homemade 

    Nothing says “I love you” quite like something sweet fresh from the oven. 

    Homemade food gifts are some of the most thoughtful presents under the tree on Christmas morning. 

    Cookies, pies, or even a sweet roll are all beloved gifts around our house. Warm the house and the heart by baking something for someone else this Christmas season. 

    cranberry and orange sweet rolls in a cast iron skillet being handed out on plates, Christmas breakfast

    Need a recipe? 

    Check out our orange cranberry sweet rolls for a pop of Christmas flavor! 

    Homemade Jam 

    Every year at Christmas, my aunt hands out her homemade strawberry freezer jam. It has become one of my favorite gifts ever and I look forward to it every single year. 

    ​There is really no end to the goodness that can be found in humble mason jars from a busy kitchen. 

    Blackberry jam, strawberry jelly, crock pot apple butter-even salsa for that matter- if it is jarred from your kitchen, it makes an amazing Christmas gift. 

    Check out your pantry and the goodies left over from this harvest season, you may find some incredible Christmas gifts there!

    Or check out this beautiful Reduced Sugar Apple Jelly recipe from Rivers Family Farm for a perfect homemade farm to table gift!

    Homemade Bath Salts

    Bath salts are so surprisingly easy to make and they make an amazing gift for everyone on your list! 

    My girls have sensitive skin, especially in the wintertime. Bath bombs and bubble baths are typically a no-go in our house. But these homemade bath salts make for a fun bath time without irritation! Add your favorite essential oils or pair them with a homemade soap! 

    Check out these amazing DIY bath salts packed with dried flowers and herbs from Homestead and Chill!

    Homemade Simmer Pot Kits

    If making mason jar candles isn’t quite your thing, but you adore a cozy night in then simmer pot kits are an easy gift perfect for the homemaker in your life! 

    Simmer pots are a great, non-toxic way to fill your home with cozy scent! They are warm, and inviting. Best of all, they make a thoughtful and easy DIY gift idea! Plus they look beautiful tucked beneath the Christmas tree! 

    Check out these adorable Simmer Pot Kits from Sprig and Spoon + free printable tags! 

    Sourdough starter/sourdough bread

    So many people are on the sourdough craze at the moment. A loaf of sourdough or some sourdough baked goods make for great DIY Christmas gifts! Packed with health benefits and love, sourdough is a complete crowd-pleaser. 

    Gift someone a loaf of your homemade bread. Add cheddar, jalapenos, bacon, or herbs for a little extra excitement! Add a personal touch by scoring with a festive design. 

    For a last minute gift or if you know someone who is thinking of starting sourdough themselves, gift them some of your starter! That’s truly a gift that keeps on giving! 

    active sourdough starter bubbling over in a mason jar, how to make sourdough without special equipment

    Simply add some starter to a clean mason jar, top with a piece of breathable cloth or a coffee filter, and tie on a ribbon! You can also add a cute gift tags or small wooden spoons- like these- for a beautiful presentation! 

    Homemade Mixes

    Homemade brownie mix, hot cocoa mix, or even scone mixes are so simple to put together and they make great DIY gifts! Most mixes are simply the dry ingredients- like flour, sugar, or cocoa powder- making this a perfect way to save on your Christmas budget and bless someone else! 

    Simply create your mixes and give them in jars, tie the instructions on with a ribbon, and viola!

    a little boy standing in front of the Christmas tree holding a mason jar of hot cocoa mix, diy Christmas gifts

    Check out the Healthy Homesteader on Instagram for all kinds of fun pantry-filling recipes that double as perfect homemade Christmas gifts!

    Give Your Specialty

    What are you good at? 

    The best gift you can give is one from the heart, and nothing is more from the heart than giving your own gift. 

    Maybe you are an expert with a sewing machine, sew a pillow or a rag doll! Perhaps you are the queen of raising beautiful chickens, give out eggs! If you can crochet, embroider, bake, write, or garden- give a gift that speaks your language. 

    There is nothing wrong with a simple and heartfelt Christmas gift. The first Christmas gift was made wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger, and He was the greatest gift ever given.

    I pray you have a very Merry Christmas! 

    Happy Aiming! 


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    1. All of these are fantastic ideas! This year I made simmer pot packs for friends to give with our Christmas card. They turned out so pretty and smell amazing too. Love all your other ideas as well! Merry Christmas.

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